10 Simple Tips to Be Happy: Try These Today

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Happiness is hard to define but most people are unaware of whether they are happy or not. Many people believe that happiness is a form of luck and that some people are destined to be happy while others are destined never to be happy. The good news is we can all be happy if we want to - This is important!

If you want to be happy you can be and it does not take much effort, just a change of attitude. The tips in this article are small and significant so use them, to lead you on a path to true happiness.

#1: Understand What It Is That Will Make You Happy

Everyone is different and different things make different people happy. What makes one person happy, may be very different from what makes someone else happy. You have individuality don't ever forget that. Don't worry about whether or not your desires are comparable with others, its all about you!

#2: Make A Plan That You Believe Will Make You Happy

Your mood will become happier as your pursue your destiny if you feel better about yourself for going after something that can give you happiness. You are taking positive action and that very important and liberating and makes most people happy.

#3: Mix With Happy People

It is easy to think negatively when you are surrounded by people who are sad and negative however, if you are surrounded by people who are happy this will make you feel happier to.

#4: Don't Get Involved In Self Pity

When something goes wrong, try to figure out a solution rather than getting involved in feeling sorry for yourself. Happy people don't allow knock backs to hurt them, they actually make them stronger. Knock backs are part of life, its how we bounce back and learn from them that's important. Always try and see a positive rather than a negative in any event that knocks you back.

#5: Think About You!

This will give you the opportunity to focus on the positive things in your life and help you focus on what is important to you, so you can develop in your pursuit of happiness.

#6: Love Yourself!

If you don't know one else will - Spoil yourself a bit. Whether you treat yourself to lunch, take a relaxing bath, have a massage, a meal or simply spend a few extra minutes on your appearance, you will be focusing on you and making yourself feel better. You deserve it, never forget that! Happiness is all about loving yourself.

#7: Laugh In The Face Of Adversity

We all have setbacks, but make light of them, there never normally as bad as we first think, make light of a situation which would otherwise make you unhappy.

#8: Be Happy Be Healthy!

Being unhealthy can have a negative effect on your moods. Eat well, exercise and you will feel better. Quite simply, these are the best mood enhancers of all. You will have more energy, better health and see things in a more positive way.

#9: You Deserve Happiness

Those who believe that they cannot achieve happiness never will, they simply don't think they deserve it. Fact is we all do - never forget this. If necessary, tell yourself each day that you deserve to be happy and remind yourself what steps you will take to achieve the happiness you desire.

#10: Do Something Different!

Perhaps the quickest way to kick start your road to happiness is doing anything you ever wanted to do - ANYTHING!

It could be something like getting fit, climbing mount Everest, or swimming with dolphins - Whatever it is do it and understand that life is a gift were all blessed with, its precious. There is always someone worse off than you, never forget this! WE all deserve to be happy seek your destiny and don't be afraid, you deserve it!

Final word

Be true to yourself and above all be happy!
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