Happiness At Work: 7 Tips For How To Be Happy At Work

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The majority of our waking hours are devoted to work. It is estimated an average human being, depending where he or she lives in the world, spent somewhere around 60,000 to 100,000 hours in a lifetime working for their livelihood. That is a huge amount and if you are not happy at work then it is a safe bet to say that you have spent the majority of your life being miserable.

Happiness is not something that simply happens. You cannot manufacture happiness. It is also not dependent on the circumstances but on you. Being happy is a state of the mind. It is true that you cannot cause happiness but you can prepare the ground for being happy.

Every stage in our life involves a unique experience and cannot be repeated. It is the same with happiness. The happiness you felt the first time you started working and earning money for yourself cannot be repeated. It was an experience that can never be repeated again. You can change jobs, you might feel excited, even happy but the intensity of it will be different.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher once said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”. It is up to you to work at it.

Here Are 7 Tips You Can Use To Find Happiness At Work.

#1: Be Totally Immersed

What this means is that do not separate your work with your private life. This does not, however mean that you must bring work home, but sometimes if you need stay a little longer in the office to finish a task, the do it.

Those who drop everything and rush back home just because the clock had struck 5.00 pm are bound to be stressed. The thought that there is something incomplete, will be lurking in the mind and nagging you.

#2: One Day At A Time

Be present in the moment. Don’t rewind your past or fast forward to the future. Do not waste time thinking about past mistakes or worrying what the future will be like. You cannot change the past and the only way you can “secure” your future is to live and work today the best today.

#3: Focus On One Task At A Time

If you are engaged in two or more tasks, it is better to drop others and concentrate on the one you think is important. The more tasks you are doing at the same time, the more thinly your resources are spread. You spent more time finishing one task while doing several at the same time than doing one at a time and run the risk being stressed out.

#4: Learn To Enjoy Your Work

Find different ways doing your work. Be creative. Learn how to use your coffee breaks and lunch time wisely.

#5: Avoid Unhappy Colleagues

Well, ok you cannot do that all the time, but unless you have something that demands you deal with, it is better for you not to be in their company. Unhappy people at work complain most of the time. Nothing is ever right for them. Over time, their words can be poisonous to your spirit and motivation.

#6: Meditate

You really do not need a Zen like environment to do this. There are many meditation youtube videos that you can play on your laptop or smart phone just listen.  These are proven to work.

#7: Look For Job When You Are In Control

Never look for one just because you are unhappy at the moment. This will lead you to jump on the first opportunity that comes along and that is not necessarily right for you. Also you need to change your job if you had taken all the steps to enjoy the present one and still cannot find happiness. Sometimes it is better to accept job that pays less but which allows you to express yourself or the one that is flexible.
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