55 Things You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less

55 useful things you can do in 5 minutes, things you can do in 5 minutes,

You have Five minutes to spare, what can you get done in five minutes? Here is a list of ideas of how to use your five minutes to your best advantage.

1. Sanitize your phones and remotes.

2. Check your voice mail.

3. Call your dad.

4. Re-fold your stack of sweaters and re-stack them by color.

5. Wipe out the microwave.

6. Straighten one drawer.

7. Floss your teeth.

8. Water the plants.

9. Wipe dusty leaves with a damp paper towel.

10. Sew on a button.

11. Discard items that from your refrigerator that are inedible.

12. Put-to-be-donated clothes in a bag by the door.

13. Untangle a necklace.

14. Cancel one appointment you just really don't want to keep.

15. Find that pair of jeans, scarf, or sweater that got lost in the closet.

16. Test pens and markers and toss the dead tones.

17. Arrange your hangers so they all face the same way.

18. Fluff the pillows and straighten any crooked pictures.

19. Wash the dog's bowl.

20. Sit down and put your feet up.

21. Brush the cat.

22. Clear off the top of the refrigerator.

23. Remove gum wrappers, receipts, and ATM slips(either file them or shred) from your purse.

24. Scan your medicine cabinet and throw out any expired prescriptions, sunscreens, and vitamins.

25. Test your smoke alarms.

26. Shred a pile of papers that you have delayed shredding.

27. Sing a song.

28. Write a thank-you note that you've put off.

29. Create an emergency kit with bottled water, batteries, a flashlight, and canned foods.

30. Download the pictures in your digital camera/smart phone to your computer.

31. Paint your toenails.

32. Throw out all expired coupons.

33. Gather in-date coupons and put them in a coupon wallet or an envelope and put in your purse.

34. Answer 5 emails.

35. Look through a box of photos and frame one that speaks to you.

36. Empty the bathroom wastebasket.

37. Scan your sock drawer and put any unmatched socks in a basket. If their mates don't turn up after the next laundry day, toss them.

38. Open your file cabinet and get rid of five old files (Shred the contents if personally identifiable information is in them).

39. Move some random files on your computer/laptop desktop to correct folders.

40. Check your stack of magazines and dispose of half.

41. Polish your favorite boots.

42. Do two yoga poses.

43. Adjust all the bills in your wallet so they face the same way.

44. Look in your shower stall.Discard any shampoos or body washes you haven't used in forever.

45. Straighten up the freezer.

46. Put a load of laundry in the washer.

47. Move worn-out towels to the rag-bag.

48. Walk in place for 5 minutes.

49. Charge your portable devices.

50. Sweep under the kitchen table.

51. Shake out your throw rugs.

52. Read a magazine article you have meant to read.

53. Vacuum the entry way mats by your outside doors.

54. Pick up 5 out-of-place items and put them where they belong.

55. Pay someone a compliment.
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