5 Ways to Handle Office Gossip in the Workplace

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There is a whole bunch of people you will meet at the office. There is the workaholic, who does not leave his workstation even to take a break. There is the certified charmer, who is very charismatic and well loved by everyone. There is also the official gossip, who does not let a day pass without sharing a secret or two.

It is the office gossip that you have to watch out the most. You do not know how much destruction the person can caused you in your personal and professional life. She can spread a rumor that may make you lose your promotion or cause internal conflict. She can make your stay at the job a hell.

Here Are The Best Ways To Deal With Office Gossip:

#1: Determine The Degree Of The Gossip

Some rumors are just nonsense there is nothing else to do but to laugh at them. If you think they are completely harmless and do not damage your chances in the workplace, then by all means just let it go. Do not sweat the small stuff.

#2: Confront The Person

It is interesting to note that a lot of the gossip-mongers are actually scaredy-cats. They do not like to be confronted; but confrontations are good if your intention is to clear the issue, your name, and perhaps save whatever friendship both of you have built.

#3: Tell It To The Manager

If the rumors are still going on and they are getting out of hand and talking to the source does not really help, it is time to tell things to the manager. Allow the management to mediate in between both camps.

However, before you do this, ensure you have enough proof to back up your claims. It speeds up the mediation process, and the management can come up with the best decision.

#4: Maintain A Strong Support System

A lot of these gossipers would do anything to ruin your confidence, but you cannot allow them to do that. When you are feeling down, it is important you have an excellent support system at bay. These include your family and friends. Never be afraid to tell them about your issues at the office. Who knows, their wisdom can also be source of inspiration.

#5: Leave The Workplace

Should you find no change in the office gossip and it is causing you a lot of stress, then perhaps it is high time to seek employment elsewhere. It is a lot better to just drop everything than give the rumors an opportunity to destroy your self-belief completely.
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