50 Powerful Affirmations to Raise Your Self-Esteem in 2020

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You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which "clicks." – Florence Scovel Shinn 
Are you ready to feel good about yourself? That is the key to health, happiness, fulfilling relationships, and success. Negative thoughts hurt your self-esteem and positive thoughts help you feel good. To raise your self-esteem, say, sing, or write the following 50 affirmations (positive thoughts) until they become part of your automatic thinking. It is even more powerful if you add your name. 

50 Affirmations for Self-Esteem

1. I, your name, am okay even when I am scared. 

2. I, ____________, am a worthwhile person. 

3. I, ____________, am important. 

4. I, ____________, am good enough. 

5. I, ____________, am okay. 

6. I, ____________, am lovable. 

7. I, ____________, am attractive. 

8. I, ____________, am intelligent. 

9. I, ____________, am creative and intuitive. 

10. I, ____________, am competent and talented. 

11. I, ____________, am a good person. 

12. I, ____________, am wanted and I belong. 

13. I, ____________, trust my decisions. 

14. I, ____________, accept all my feelings. 

15. I, ____________, am expressing my feelings in healthy ways. 

16. I, ____________, am releasing my anger into a pillow and others and I are safe. 

17. I, ____________, forgive myself for all my mistakes. 

18. I, ____________, am forgiving others for all their mistakes. 

19. I, ____________, am saying "no" and I am okay. 

20. I, ____________, am self-caring and I am there for others. 

21. I, ____________, am capable of taking care of myself. 

22. I, ____________, am taking control of my life and seeing all of my choices. 

23. I, ____________, am taking responsibility for my happiness. 

24. I, ____________, am communicating honestly and clearly what I want and need. 

25. I, ____________, am listening to what others want and creating win-win solutions. 

26. I, ____________, am courageously facing the unknown, even though I am scared. 

27. I, ____________, am allowing myself an abundance of love and prosperity. 

28. I, ____________, see myself attractive, happy, and healthy. 

29. I, ____________, am slim and in control of what I eat and drink. 

30. I, ____________, am visualizing myself in a successful career. 

31. I, ____________, am successful and people are very happy for me. 

32. I, ____________, am modeling success for many people and I'm loved and safe. 

33. I, ____________, am successful in my career and in my relationships. 

34. I, ____________, am more successful than my parents and they love me. 

35. I, ____________, am successful, because I want to be. 

36. I, ____________, am prosperous and I am a good, honest person. 

37. I, ____________, have an abundance of money and people want to be with me because they like me. 

38. I, ____________, am successful and I have enough time for my loved ones and myself. 

39. I, ____________, am allowing others to support and care about me. 

40. I, ____________, am in a loving relationship and I am free to be me. 

41. I, ____________, am in a lasting, fulfilling relationship. 

42. I, ____________, am taking time to relax and play and I am productive. 

43. I, ____________, am doing things effortlessly. 

44. I, ____________, am taking total responsibility for my life and I am having fun. 

45. I, ____________, am only responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

46. I, ____________, like myself. 

47. I, ____________, love myself. 

48. I, ____________, feel peacefully powerful. 

49. I, ____________, am creating what I want in my life. 

50. I, ____________, believe that I deserve it all. 

You sure do! Go for it!
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