3 Simple Steps to Self-Improvement

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Those of us who want to create true change in our lives often think about taking steps that can lead to self-improvement. Becoming a better person. Developing a better way of thinking. Building self-confidence. Getting rid of those bad habits. There are many different ways to bring about positive improvement.All it takes to making these self improvement goals a reality is a plan of action.

Now that you are ready to make some personal changes you may not have an actual blueprint in your mind. Where should you begin? What changes are most important? How do you start?

You can always discover suggestions, guides and "experts" that are going to give you advice designed to help you become a better person. Thousands of books are available that deal with the topic of "self-improvement". The problem with all of this "help and advice" is that too many suggestions and ideas can make things more confusing. It is easy to lose your focus and just be overwhelmed by all of the information.

This can lead many people to abandon their ideas because they feel as though this project will be too difficult. Don't fall into the trap of allowing the task to defeat you before you even start making those changes in your life. This is the time when you definitely need to act as opposed to just "reacting" to the challenge at hand. An easy starting place is to begin your self-improvement program with these 3 simple steps.

These three steps will create a broad foundation that can help you create those life changes that will make the most difference. Remember that these are the steps that get you started. The actual self-improvement plan that you develop will be personalized so that it can be suited to your individual needs and circumstances.

#1: Develop A Positive Attitude

In order to accomplish any self-improvement goals you need to change the way you think. How many times have you lost sight of a goal merely because you thought that it was impossible to achieve? How many times have you let others sway you over to a negative point of view just by their words and beliefs? How many times have you convinced yourself that you can never change "who you are"?

These negative thoughts can bring about defeat in all aspects of your life. You are creating a reality in which you can never win, so why try? This is exactly why you must begin your self-improvement program by developing a positive mind-set. Embrace a more optimistic view of life as a whole.

Believe in yourself and your ideas. Practice telling yourself that you can reach the goals that you are setting. Do not allow those negative ideas to bring you down and color the way that you are now choosing to view life.

This may mean that you have to start associating with other individuals who look at life in a positive light. Remember that self-improvement begins with your own thoughts and ideas. When you are around people who offer support and encouragement it is easier to stay focused on your own life-changing plans.

#2: Develop A Healthy Mind And Body

Now that you are putting a positive spin on your attitude it is time to move forward. Keep those wheels moving by working on the development of an equally healthy mind and body.

Begin eating healthy foods, even if you only take "nutritional" baby steps during those first few weeks. Choose fresh fruits, fresh veggies, whole grains, crunchy nuts and other wholesome goodies for your snacks and meals. Start eliminating the processed foods that only add empty calories and unpronounceable chemicals to your diet.

Drink more water each day to hydrate your body and flush away toxins. Add a squeeze of citrus to brighten the taste.

Discover how many different ways you can use berries, seeds, sprouts and herbs when you are preparing food and beverages. These items are all low in calories and packed with healthy flavors that can transform your meals into true dining delights.

Make it a priority to exercise each and every day. Even if you only walk around your neighborhood for 30 minutes a day the activity is going to have a powerful impact on how you look and feel. The better you feel the easier it will be to continue your self-improvement campaign.

Take the time to "regroup" and relax each day. This could be a simple 15 minute meditation routine that you practice each morning or you might want to practice yoga in the evening. Perhaps you just want to experience a little "quiet time" and listen to music without being interrupted. Whatever relaxing activity you choose it will help soothe your mind and calm your emotions.

#3: Choose One Self-Improvement Project

With a healthier body, mind and attitude you are ready to work on a focused self-improvement plan. Select one personal quality that you want to change. This should be a self-improvement project that is important to you.

Do you want to become more organized? Do you want to lose a specific amount of weight? Do you want to take a cooking class? Do you long for more self-confidence?

You CAN make those changes that will make you happier and more confident.

You now need to begin focusing on your goal. Write down what you hope to accomplish and then go for your dreams.

Do not allow yourself to try and make multiple changes at once. While this can be tempting it is a better idea to begin with one self-improvement project at a time. This will allow you to devote your full energies to this task.

Do not try to accomplish your self-improvement overnight. Any good plan requires some time and effort. Celebrate each small milestone along the way. Take pride in your work and your self-improvement accomplishments. Be open to the changes and transformations that self-improvement is going to bring into your life.
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