How to Succeed after Failure

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When babies learn to walk, they do not just get up and start taking their first steps whenever they want. They have to struggle, to make an effort to do so. The best thing about them is that they do not give up even after they stumble and fall numerous times. Then, one fine day, the parents can be heard exclaiming with joy as they baby is finally able to take a couple of steps on his own. However, even after that small success, it will have to try and try again until it becomes stable on its own two feet.

Ironic it maybe, but it is true that small babies are better at putting their failures behind them and rising above their stumbles than grown human beings are. However, one need not wallow in sadness due to a failure they experience in life. There are still steps they can take to come back stronger.

#1: Be Positive

The secret to a strong comeback lies in adopting a positive attitude in life. Under no circumstances should one blame themselves for their failures. They must not think that they failed due to some shortcoming in their own personality. One must always believe that no matter what happens, they will be okay in the end. The moment they stop believing in themselves, they will truly never be able to succeed. Remember, the best things in life usually occur when one least expects them. A positive attitude will always reap positive results. Just refuse to see things in a bad light. Always remember that there is brightness to be found in the darkest of places if one remembers to turn on the lights.

#2: Be Honest

Whenever one faces failures, they can never be just something that hit them due to only their bad luck. There has to be something that the individual is doing wrong too. One needs to scrutinize the situation and then scrutinize their personality. They need to figure out where they went wrong. Were they too defensive in their approach or too aggressive? Should they have tried harder? Finding out the answers to all such questions will be the key. After one has the answers, time can be given for self-improvement. One must try to eliminate the less-pleasing qualities in their personality.

#3: Experiment

The next step is adapting one’s self to the failures that they have faced. Obviously, the things they were trying out did not work, so it is clear that newer things need to be done. Start experimenting with life, decisions and the choices one makes. Try to be unconventional and think out of the box. If one has already setup some expectations for themselves prior to the defeat, try to move away from that if it is felt that these goals are not adequate.

#4: Game Plan

Once it becomes clear where one went wrong and what needs to be corrected, people need to lay out a game plan for what they want to do next with their lives. The experimenting stage helps further with crafting a plan for the future. Set short-term goals for one or two years and long-term goals for the entire phase of life. For example, a twenty-year-old should be able to decide where they see themselves at forty years of age. Of course, the layout on how one approaches these goals will be flexible at all times. However, there should always be a plan outlined for life.

#5: Motivation

Motivation is important in this phase of life. It will help keep a positive attitude and a confident, optimistic approach. One must surround themselves with things that inspire them and builds up their self-esteem. Read inspirational books that portray characters that rise from the ashes to succeed in their stories. Always keep the goals that have been set in mind. One should have the courage to overlook certain failures which they are bound to face at all points in life. Most of all, one needs to be strong during all the phases in life.

#6: Feedback

Gathering feedback from the people in the immediate environment will bring one’s flaws in to clearer focus. Talking to one’s seniors, gurus, friends and colleagues will teach open up further possibilities about the personalities. Ask all these people to be honest in their analysis of where they believe the whole process was flawed.
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