Taking Time To Absorb The Beauty All Around Us - It's Called Life!

It is sad how often we are so busy that we miss all the wonders around us? Imagine for a moment taking a birds-eye view at a normal day, we are all rushing around like mad things, shoulder to shoulder impatient and stressed, well actually I am not!

I got very distressed at this at a young age and promised myself I would not live this way, easy said, I have managed it now but it was difficult to extract myself from the mad world. We are like an army of insects busy, busy, busy!

Interesting study!

I heard an amazing story today, it was beautiful and heart breaking at the same time.

A study into social behaviour was being conducted and this is how it went;

A man sat down and started to play the Violin, he was good, but very few people stopped to take any notice. A few people threw him some money, but carried on in their hurried state, coffee in hand!

Children were fascinated but hustled on by their parents, this I find particularly sad and disturbing.

When the man had finished playing he counted his donations, he had about $35, not too bad for a couple of hours you would think? But wait - this man was in disguise, he was actually a very famous musician and the best at what he does, only two nights before he had played in a well-known theatre and had sold out, the seats average cost was $100.00 each!

No Time To Notice.

I am sure that many people thought, 'wow, that sounds good', but were too busy to stop for a minute!

Doesn't this make you think about how much other stuff we miss as we go rushing by? The expression on a Childs face, the playful nature of wild life or the wind moving through the trees!

Life is way too beautiful to miss, are we really too busy to take a few minutes to absorb, or to share a smile with someone? Not enough time to share beautiful moments with our children. We haven't even got the time to drink a coffee, we have to carry it around with us in rubbish plastic or polystyrene cups! Not to mention the cup holders in the car.

Make Some Time.

Life is tough and we all have too much to do, but isn't it time we changed at least a part of it?

Do you think it is possible for you to adapt your schedule to squeeze just an hour a day for yourself? To maybe go for a walk, really look around you, I bet you see things you haven't noticed before.

Go visit somewhere you have wanted to go for ages, open yourself to meet new people.

Take time to breath and take it all in!

Life is short, isn't it time you lived it? Make an effort to find some time for you, absorb the wonders of life, before you miss them all! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire.
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