10 Keys To Bring Inspiration Into Your Life

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Have you ever asked yourself what is inspiration? What is being inspired? When the word inspiration is broken down into its component parts, it simply means "in - spirit". When you are living "in - spirit" You feel excited about yourself and your life. You have a special connection with all parts of your mind and body. The question is how can you connect to your spirit at all times to take actions that enable you to be inspired?

Below are the ten keys to opening the doors to your inspiration.

#1: The First Key To Inspiration Is Enjoyment

It would take a spiritual master to be inspired about doing the dishes. So find something that really excites you. It can be anything that you really enjoy. You have to have fun.

#2: The Second Key To Inspiration Is Love

When you are actively pouring love into what you are doing, this will guarantee that you are opening yourself to experiencing more inspiration. If you love what you do and do what you love, this will guarantee that you will be inspired.

#3: The Third Key To Inspiration Is To Trust In Yourself

Listen to that little voice inside yourself and know that this comes from heart. This is called intuition. Intuition is the spark the sets off the fires of inspiration.

#4: The Fourth Key To Inspiration Is To Follow What Your Intuition Tells You

The more you listen to it, the stronger your intuition will become. If you don't pay attention, that little voice gets fainter and fainter until you can no longer hear it. The spark goes out, and gets harder and harder to rekindle.

#5: The Fifth Key To Be Inspired Is To Believe In Yourself

Keep telling yourself "I can". These are some of the most powerful words that you can ever use. When you say this to yourself often enough, you build a bridge between yourself and your inspiration. When you are backed by a strong belief in yourself and your dreams, nothing is impossible.

#6: The Sixth Key To Inspiration Is Not To Listen To Anyone That Says "No You Can't"

They might think that they are helping you, and try to project this negative belief onto you, but remember to keep telling yourself that, "I can!" Nothing will kill your inspiration quicker than listening to people say “no you can’t do that” Understand that often what they mean is “No, I can’t do that, so you shouldn’t either” Its best to simply thank them for their advice, pay no attention to it and not discuss it further.

#7: The Seventh Key To Being Inspired Is To Avoid Negativity

Ask yourself, do you really need to read the newspaper or watch the news on TV every day? Nothing kills inspiration quicker than being surrounded by bad news. How you can you possibly feel inspired if everywhere you look you are getting reports of doom, gloom and destruction. What if instead of watching the news, you spent time doing what it is that you really love? What if you just spent just 1/2hr a day doing what you really love? What sort of a change would it make in your life after a whole year?

#8: The Eight Key To Inspiration Is Acceptance

Accept that on some days you feel much more inspired than on others. This is normal. Nobody can be completely inspired every minute of the day. So on the days when you feel flat, just know that this will pass and don’t feel too troubled about not feeling inspired.

#9: The Ninth Key To Inspiration - Take Action Every Day, No Matter How Small A Step It Seems

Action is the fuel to the fires of inspiration. Make it a daily practice to keep your fire burning. The taking of actions, no matter how small, will fill you with inspiration for taking the next step.

#10: The Tenth Key To Inspiration Is The Most Powerful Of All

Simply put, it is to surround yourself with things that inspire you. This is so laughingly simple that many people over look this. It could be inspiring music, inspiring recorded talks, inspiring books and inspirational art.

One of the most powerful ways to be inspired comes from surrounding yourself with inspirational art. Artworks come in many forms such as paintings and sculptures, and have such an amazing power to influence thoughts and emotions, to uplift and also inspire. By the careful placement of inspiring artworks, you can transform your living and working environments to be places filled with light and inspiration.

All of these 10 keys to inspiration are very simple things. Try them today and you will be amazed at what a difference it will make in your life.

May your life be filled with Love and Happiness and Inspiration!

Inspirational Artists Sofan Chan and Rochman Reese create inspirational artworks that will inspire you to experience more love, happiness and tranquility in your life. You can view inspirational pictures of their artworks, and read more inspirational articles at www.theartofhappiness.net - be inspired.
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