4 Easy Meditation Techniques to Overcome Anxiety Disorder

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If you are one of the many people who suffer from feeling of anxiety, the first thing that you should realize is that you are not alone. In todays hi-tech, high paced society the pressures are enormous, and many people become the victims of attacks of anxiety.

Anxiety sometimes manifests itself as a remote feeling of unease or trepidation, where the cause or reason is hard to pin down. It may also manifest itself in the form of an anxiety attack.

But were you aware that you can practice meditation techniques to effectively reduce anxiety?

They say that practice makes perfect, so the more you actually do use these methods, the easier they will be to invoke, and the more effective they will become. Here's how.

#1: Breathing Meditation

You should perform this exercise as soon as you start to feel anxious.

First, concentrate on your breathing. It's always a good idea to watch the rise and fall of your lower tummy. See how your tummy expands and contracts as you breathe. Watch this for a dozen or so breaths, don't rush, just slow down and take your time.

Next, as you exhale, begin to count, starting at one and finishing on ten. Count on each exhale.

Keep on studying how your tummy expands as you breathe in, and how it returns to a flat position as you breathe out again. Remember to continue counting on each out-breath.

If you forget to count - no problem - simply start over. And if you find any disturbing thought upsetting your rhythm, just concentrate on keeping your count going, and they will disappear.

#2: Body Scan Meditation

If you're not happy concentrating on your breathing, you may feel better concentrating on your body instead; your hands and feet in particular.

So when anxiety begins...

Start off by shutting your eyes. Then, think about your left hand. Think about how it feels. What is its temperature? Does it fell comfortably warm, or even hot perhaps - or does it feel cool, or cold even? Think about what else you can discern.

If you find distractions starting to creep in, simply go back to the beginning and start again.

Continue this for a couple of minutes.

#3: Walking Meditation

Often when you're feeling anxious, keeping still is the last thing that you want to do, so why not try walking meditation? With this method you simply concentrate on the act of walking itself. Notice how your legs are moving. But don't change anything. Just carry on walking as normal, You don't have to slow down, or glance down at your feet, Simply keep on walking, looking ahead, and all the while just noticing walking.

#4: Mantra Meditation

The mantra meditation therapy is a little more time consuming, but its benefits are enormous! To do this, all you need is to come up with a significant word or sound that you can repeat to yourself in silence. By doing this repeatedly and gently, you will find that it leads you to a place of splendid tranquility.
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