5 Things Couples Can Do To Fix Their Broken Relationship

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As important as relationships are to us, they can be difficult to maintain. There are no free rides in life, and relationships are no exception. For example, from the time we are kids, we learn that we have responsibilities to keep and rules to follow if we are stay in our parents' favor.

And, once we become teenagers and then adults, we come to understand very quickly that every relationship has a cost. Still, we find that we absolutely need relationships of all kinds in our lives, including family, friends, co-workers .. . and romantic relationships.

When a serious romantic relationship goes wrong, it usually sneaks up on you. The natural progression goes something like this: things start off great, and the two of you are lovey-dovey. Then, things cool a bit, but everything still feels pretty good. After that, you come across a lull now and then where you're not sure you are on the same page with the other person - but things seem fine. Then - bam! - you find out that the other person is deeply unhappy in the relationship. And - maybe you feel the same way.

Just when you thought everything was going great (or at least "fine") - you realize that things are not nearly as good as you had thought. In other words, the relationship is broken.

If you are in a broken relationship that needs fixing, here are 5 tips for reigniting the love again:

#1: Visualize What It Is That Attracted You To The Other Person In The First Place

Close your eyes for a moment and think about what it was that drew you toward this person in the first place. What is the nature of his or her loving essence, and do you still have your sights on it? It is your connection with their essence that needs to be maintained if you are to keep the relationship together.

#2: Figure Out What It Is That They Love About You

Look inside yourself (or ask your partner): what is it that they love about you? Identify the qualities in you that they care about. Have you been allowing those qualities to surface lately?

#3: Think Back To The Times When The Two Of Were At Your Happiest - What Were You Up To?

Time spent together doing the things you love is what keeps a couple together. Which activities did the two of you enjoy together? Having you been doing those lately, or have you let them go by the wayside?

#4: Decide Whether Both Of You Still Want To Make It Work

Talk to your partner and find out whether you still have the deep desire to make your relationship work again. Do you have the energy to give it a try?

#5: Commit To Each Other And Yourselves That You Can Put Your Relationship Back Together

Now, commit to the other person - and to yourself - that you can and will make this work for the both of you. The two of you CAN fix this broken relationship if you are committed and if you take the time to educate yourselves about what has worked for others.

Consider these 5 simple and easy tips for fixing a broken relationship and bringing the love back.
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