4 Tips For Setting And Achieving Your Goals

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People have different goals depending on their Socio-Economic needs and current situation. Often times, people set unrealistic goals and get frustrated when they realize they can't reach their goal. Following some proven guidelines will help you to determine if your goals are credible and achievable.

#1: Be Specific

Many people set generic goals of being rich and successful or something similar. They speak in generalities like I'm gonna have a big house or make a million dollars. These are merely wishes not goals as they are not specific. When setting your goals you must be specific!

To be specific, you need to have the exact goal in mind and when you want to achieve it by. So for example; if you want to earn a $1,000,000 you need to know when this will be done by. This year, next year or when? Write your goal as: I will earn $1,000,000 by November 1st next year! That is a specific goal because it has an item or amount in mind and a set time frame to achieve it by.

#2: Be Measurable

By making your goals measurable, you can determine if you are on the right path to achieving your goals. If your goal is to earn $100,000 per year and you currently earn $50,000, then you know that your half way there. For each goal that you set, make sure that the goal is measurable so you know how far you have to go.

#3: Be Attainable And Realistic

In the beginning set goals that can easily be achieved to get a feeling of accomplishment. Then you can add tougher goals to strive for. Some people set such high goals just starting out that they really do set themselves up for failure. When writing your goals keep in mind that they should also be attainable and realistic. Setting goals such as earning a million dollars a year when you've never earned more that $30,000 a year is attainable but not very realistic if you don't know what to do.

#4: Set A Time Frame

One of the most important things you can do besides creating a goal, is to set a time frame as to how long you think it will take you to accomplish your goal. Setting a time frame gives you an understanding of the amount of time required and amount of time left to achieve your goal. Without a time frame you have no incentive to finishing your goal. Always break down each major goal into smaller more manageable goals with a time frame to accomplishing each minor goal. For each minor goal you accomplish, you are one step closer to achieving your main goal.

By using all the elements of what a goal is and how to set them, you also have learned how to achieve them. The next step is to take action. Create a plan and break it down into manageable tasks that can be fairly easily accomplished and soon your major goals will be met.
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