How to Become a Confident Man

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If you are a young man looking for some self-confidence tips, look no further - you are in the right place! In this article I'll share with you three tips that will help you get rid of your shyness, improve your confidence and self-esteem and become a better man.

#1: Push Your Limits And Never Give Up

As Bruce Lee said, "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." Pushing your limits - doing things that you thought were impossible for you - makes you more confident and resourceful.

If you are a man who can deal with every problem, you can't feel insecure. That's why you should never give up on something that is important for you. Giving up makes you feel weak, pushing your limits makes you feel strong. Whenever you face a problem, look for a solution.

If you are looking for a quick confidence boost, push your physical limits - do as many push-ups/pull-ups/chin-ups as you can, run until you can't, lift heavy weights. Physical activity make you feel masculine and strong - and that means confidence!

#2: Travel Alone

This is one of the most effective self-confidence tips - and especially for young men. Traveling alone (preferably to a foreign exotic country) is a wonderful way of improving your confidence.

You are in a new place, you don't know anyone and you can become anyone you want to be. Moreover, if you don't want to feel lonely, you have to interact with local people and make friends on your own. All of these things tremendously improve your self-confidence!

As a young man, you have many opportunities to travel - you can study abroad, become a volunteer, look for a job in a foreign country or become a backpacker. The world is waiting for you!

#3: Practice On A Daily Basis

If you want to improve your self-confidence quickly, you have to practice on a daily basis. Since you are young, you probably still have a lot of time. Use it to make yourself a better person! Here are a few ideas that you can implement in your everyday life to work on your confidence:

- Staring contest - initiate eye contact with people on the street (preferably girls) and try to maintain it for as long as possible. However, don't forget to smile and blink. You should appear as a confident person, not a creepy guy.

- Expand your comfort zone - every day do one thing that scares you.

- Improve yourself - confident people improve themselves every single day. Try to learn new things, acquire new skills, get rid of bad habits and create good ones.

Don't forget that you'll remain the same person if you just close this article and forget about it. You can't become confident by reading about self-confidence. Reading self-confidence tips is helpful, but in the end you have to take action - I hope you'll act!
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