Ten Signs You Need to Get Organized

1. You have no idea what is buried in that pile, box, drawer or cabinet.

Quick Solution: Go through each area thoroughly. Throw out what you no longer need, remove the items that do not belong, group similar items together and make sure each remaining item is clearly visible and/or labeled for easy access.

2. You are always looking for a lost item.

Quick Solution: Designate a permanent place (example: in a basket, in a drawer, on top of a desk) to store the item you are always losing and make sure to place it there whenever it’s not in use.

3. You are running out of space in your home.

Quick Solution: Throw out items you are no longer using, utilize hidden storage areas (such as underneath the stairs), hang items and stack more items in a vertical position rather than horizontally.

4. You see clutter piling up everywhere around you.

Quick Solution: Tackle one area and/or pile at a time.

5. You have no spare time.

Quick Solution: Schedule it in.

6. Your schedule is very hectic.

Quick Solution: Prioritize your schedule. Combine errands so you aren’t making as many trips. Stock up on items to help prevent last minute trips to the store.

7. You are consistently late for appointments.

Quick Solution: Start your daily schedule 15 minutes earlier and give yourself extra time to account for unexpected delays.

8. You are not meeting your financial goals.

Quick Solution: Layout your entire financial picture on paper (include income, expenses, debt, investments, future goals, etc.) and evaluate what needs to be changed.

9. You are feeling stressed.

Quick Solution: Schedule in some “me time” and take that time to relax.

10. You purchased an item again simply because you couldn’t find the original one.

Quick Solution: All items in your home should have a designated storage place. If you have an item that does not have a designated storage place, choose one for it. Label all boxes with all contents inside and any item that is not packed away in a clearly labeled container should be kept visible at all times.

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Photo: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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