Achievement - What Are Some Traits of Extraordinary People?

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." Bernard Shaw.'The unreasonable man', mentioned by Bernard Shaw, refers to the extraordinary leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs who redefined the world with their inspiring personality, discoveries, and business strategies. Throughout history, we can find many extraordinary human beings who helped mankind reach new heights with their great innovation and hard work. All of these great individuals shared certain traits that helped them become what they were, extraordinary. Below is a list of 5 traits that some of these extraordinary people have shared.

Strong Belief

Be it Edison who discovered electricity or Einstein who discovered the Relativity Theory, each one of these men strongly believed in themselves. When faced with opposition from the norm or what was possible, these men had unwavering belief in their ideas and 'what could be'. The saying, "faith can move a mountain", came true in the lives of both Edison and Einstein.

Extraordinary people never change their views or ideas, no matter what happens to them. Galileo, the astronomer who first proposed that the Sun lies in the center of the solar system, stood by his words even when people accused him to be mad and threw stones at him. Such is the power of their belief.

Minute Observation

Extraordinary people have amazing powers of observation. For many, it is the key to their success. Henry Ford was famous for noticing minute miscalculations in his annual report without the aid of any computer. This attention to detail is an example of how Ford lived his life. By being keen on the finer details, Ford was able to multiply that onto a larger scale. It was one of the building blocks that allowed him to establish a large business empire through the concept of mass production.

Love and Empathy for Fellow Humans

By far one of the most important characteristics any great leader can have. Great leaders love others, care about their well-being, and sincerely have the desire to bring about change. These characteristics were present in all inspiring leaders from Martin Luther King to Karl Marx. Extraordinary people don't mind the difficulties that they endure while they work for the improvement of the greater good. They believe so strongly in their cause that the world follows them without any question.

Persistent Hard Work

By taking a look through history as well as observing the present, one common trait shared by successful people is persistent hard work. Not only do successful people work hard, but they find ways to work smarter in order to maximize their work efficiency. They have the understanding that success does not necessarily happen overnight. Often times, people quit just short of the finish line. Successful people understand this concept and continue to push and persist, even when things are difficult.


An un-daunting courage to stand up, take charge, and go full on with their mission is a trait of extraordinary people. Whether it was Columbus who set out to find the new world or Nelson Mandela who served 27 years in prison, each of these individuals had the courage and grit needed to fulfill their mission, regardless of how bad the situation or how long it took. In the presence of fear, they still stood firm in their unwavering belief and pushed forward to achieve great heights in their lives.

Success leaves footprints. In order to become extraordinary, often times, it is necessary to observe those who have paved the way before us. Where do you currently stand in your own life? How many of these traits are you currently living into? Make it a goal to grow in each of these traits and you will soon be on your way to living an extraordinary life.

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