3 Keys to How You Can Be Happy and Successful

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Happiness is a lifelong pursuit. It's something we all strive for and yet to achieve full and lasting happiness seems elusive even for the most successful people among us.

Some people have even suggested that to become successful you need to first be unhappy, after all if you were happy where you were why would you try to get more? There is some truth to that, but I take a different view.

I say that if you can be happy in the pursuit of success then you can have both happiness and success.

How can this be accomplished? How can you be both happy and successful? Here are 3 key things you must do:

#1: Try To Find Success In Something You Love

In order to be happy in the pursuit of success then its vitally important that whatever it is you try to be successful at be something you love to do. The reason is that if you love to do it you'll be able to work longer and harder at it, and you'll be happy while your doing it. Gaining success from it is just a bonus. Some people have called this follow your bliss or follow your heart.

#2: Celebrate Each Step

Take time to celebrate all of the little victories. Just made your first dollar? Celebrate. Just got your 100th client? Celebrate. Celebrating mini-milestones is key to being both happy and successful. This is because of course celebrating is fun in and of itself and because it is an important psychological tool which lets your subconscious know you're making it. Its also important because it shows you progress is being made towards your goals. It lets you reflect on where you've came from and where you are now.

#3: Laugh At And Embrace Failure

Everyone who has ever succeeded at anything has failed countless times before their success finally came. Once you accept and embrace that fact then failure becomes something entirely different. Failure is simply Gods way of telling you that your on the wrong track. So when you fail laugh at Gods humor and make sure to learn the lesson that the universe is trying to teach you. Then move on, adapt and overcome. You will fail again, but you will learn something again. Eventually, if everything works out then your eventual reward will be the achievement of your goal.

I know you can do it... now get started!
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