Why and How to Overcome Procrastination

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All people have procrastinated at least once in their life. Procrastination is very tempting especially if there is a difficult task. However, putting off tasks or projects is not healthy and prevents a person to be productive and live up to his or her full potential. Learning to overcome procrastination is the key to successful time management.

Why You Should Overcome Procrastination

1. Procrastination kills productivity. Everyone needs to complete several tasks each day and, most of the time, procrastinators leave difficult tasks (which is often the most important ones) up to the last minute. Doing this might affect the quality of the work produced.

2. Procrastination causes inconvenience. Procrastination only prolongs a person’s suffering. It takes away quality time that an individual would have spent doing leisurely activities.

3. Procrastination lowers your self-esteem. Most procrastinators delay starting their work because they do not believe that they have the ability to complete the task.

4. Procrastination prevents personal growth. Procrastinators spend most of their time working without really accomplishing anything. If a person were able to get his or her work done in time, he or she would have done other things to help improve their selves.

How to Overcome Procrastination

1. Learn The Art Of Discipline

Most people unconsciously procrastinate when they get distracted from what they are supposed to do. Learning self-discipline will help a person resist distractions and focus on the task.

2. Think Of A Reason To Start Working On Your Task

Taking the first step to complete a task is a start to beat procrastination. Most people usually find their groove after they have taken the first steps.

3. Build Your Confidence

Hesitation to start a difficult task is often caused by lack of self-confidence. Some people second-guess their abilities to finish a task and put it off until the last minute. Believing in one’s self is a great first step in beating procrastination.

4. Stick To The Day’s Plan

Plans are made to ensure that a person accomplishes the tasks needed for the day. If something comes up, take note but stick to the plan.

5. Do Not Forget To Take A Break

Always insert short breaks when planning. People need breaks from time to time to be able to breathe and rejuvenate their minds and bodies to complete another task. In addition, a good reward at the end of the day also helps prevent procrastination because it encourages the person to finish his or her task at the given time.

Overall, procrastination is only in the mind and everybody has the power to overcome it. If you feel like procrastinating, think of a good motivation to begin. The momentum of working will eventually help you finish a task. You can also take a short breather to set your mind straight then go back and try again. In addition, you can think of something to look forward to at the end of the day to help you focus on your task and finish it on time.
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