Simplify Your Life: Leave Some Things Undone

how to simplify life and be happy,

How often have your been told to "Finish what you started?" Good people, responsible people, don't let go of responsibilities. They hang on to every obligation until the end, the finish, or so we've been told. You can simplify your life by learning to leave some things undone. Here are a few ways to lighten your load and start simplifying your life.

Cancel Your Reservation

Thousands of many women are invited to dinners, luncheons, or events, and they don't want to go. They have no idea how to decline, and 9 times out of 10, they're afraid when they do, they will hurt someone's feelings.

Canceling a reservation does not cancel a relationship. Your friends, good friends understand that you may need a morning, afternoon, or evening off. Period. You just need to "take it down" a notch. Do a little less that day. So begin by leaving an event you don't really want to attend, unattended. Start by saying, "I appreciate the offer but I need that day to take care of me."

Change Your Mind

Did you know you can say "Yes" to something and then change your mind? If you agree to help with a project or event and you realize it's more stress than you imagined, you can simply say, "I've had to reconsider your offer, and it doesn't work for me at this time." You can lighten your load mentally and emotionally just by changing your mind.

As women, we tend to believe when we agree to something it is final. Forever.

It never occurs to us to reconsider, but men do it all the time. It's a strength we need to borrow and apply to our lives. Changing your mind doesn't make you irresponsible or uncommitted. It makes you human.

Don't Pick Up the Ball

When someone else drops the ball on a project, don't be too quick to pick it up. Sometimes in your effort to be seen as helpful, you may pick up the ball without thinking of the impact on your personal or professional life.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't be helpful in a time of need. It means think first. Before you pick up the ball. Think about the true impact of your decision.

If in your heart you feel a deep connection to this project, then go for it. But, if you jump to pick up the ball and later spend time sharing how stressed and overworked you are, leave the ball to someone else.

Your life is not defined by how much you do, but by how well you do it. And, how happy you are when doing it. So, start simplifying your life by leaving a few things undone. Wishing you more peace, joy, and happiness.
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