Managers, Learn How to Manage Workplace Stress

Sure, being a manager means hundreds of dollars a month. However, it’s also a very stressful job. Imagine, you’re responsible to not just one but plenty of people. You are accountable to whatever happens to the business. Every day you deal with a lot of issues, from your subordinates to your bosses.

Stress in the workplace can definitely make you feel all burned out, and you know how stress works. It causes lack of concentration, impaired memory, unhealthy body, emotional instability, and even aggressive behavior.

You cannot eliminate stress in the workplace, but you can definitely do something so it doesn’t eat you up alive. Consider these:

1. Delegate tasks.

Stop micromanaging. Allow your subordinates to handle tasks and be more responsible for their work. This also empowers them to be better since they feel like they’re contributing something to the organization. Of course, it’s good for you since it takes a huge load off your shoulders.

2. Reduce office politics.

Office gossip is one of the leading causes of internal conflicts and absenteeism among employees. You should see to it you can greatly reduce or eliminate it.

Develop team building activities at least once a month to establish stronger professional relationships. Come up with meetings where everyone is free to talk about his or her concerns.

3. Use management tools effectively.

You’re lucky you’re born in this age. There are plenty of management tools you can use to speed up your work. In fact, with laptops and smart phones, you don’t have to be in the office at all times.

4. Leave work in the office.

A lot of managers make the mistake of bringing their work to their house. Thus, the stress never ends. Your home is your haven. It should be free of anything that disrupts peace and comfort.

5. Create a schedule.

So you can definitely leave work in the office, come up with a schedule and try your best to follow it religiously.

6. Take a break.

Make your weekends holy and spend them in places you cannot visit during weekdays. Camp with your kids, climb a mountain, travel to another state, or have a sleepover in a nice hotel. Pamper yourself.

7. Visualize.

When you’re too stressed, it’s difficult for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is why visualization is good. If you’re facing a pressing problem, for example, you can picture yourself out walking on a very dark alley. As you go along, you speak of subliminal messages:

  • I have the power to overcome these challenges.
  • I am not defined by these problems.
  • I have a strong team to help me out.
  • There’s always hope to look forward to.

Then picture out the path getting lit as you repeat the subliminal messages. At the end of the walk, visualize your family members and colleagues cheering you on for making it.

You can visualize anytime and anywhere. There are also tools such as mp3s that can help you do it more effectively.

Author Info: Nelson Berry is The Pioneer of Online Subliminal Messages.

photo credit: stockimages
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