How to Be Happy: 9 Ways to Find True Happiness

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Find it difficult to be and stay happy? Here are 9 ways to find true happiness in your life.

#1: Smile

It has been proven by scientists that when you smile, whether you feel happy or not, you will automatically feel better, so why not smile all day long?

#2: Forgive People

A test done by student's shows that if people forgive, they have a better cardiologic health. It is unknown that it directly affects your health but the study suggests that it lowers the perception of stress.

#3: Make Enough Money To Meet Your Basic Needs

Food, a roof above your head and clothing. Everything that's important for everyday needs. More money doesn't always make you happier.

#4: Follow Your Feelings

In a study, 2 people had to choose between 2 portraits. 1 had to analyze all the pros and cons of the portrait and the other just followed his feeling. The person who followed his feelings, was the happiest with the portrait on long term. So what does this mean? Follow your feeling, at the end you'll be a lot happier with the choice you made!!

#5: Stay Optimistic

Try to think positive about everything. This will make you automatically happier, believe me!

#6: Make Happiness In The Job You Have

Most people think when they have their job this will automatically make them happier, but the opposite is true. Most people are disappointed in their jobs and are not happy at all. But instead of waiting for happiness, make it yourself! Make your colleagues your friends, have a drink with them! This makes you want to go to your job and you will work more effectively, so your boss will be happy too!

#7: Stay Close To Family And Friends

The closer they are, the better. Family and friends have a greater impact on happiness then you might think. And since we live in a mobile society, this is very important.

#8: Meet New People

They can have positive impact on your life. It is best to form friendship based on mutual interest or beliefs.

#9: Be Friendly

People will appreciate it and you will feel a lot happier. Give a compliment once in a while, help people with their problems. This may help discover your own problems and work on them.
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