20 Practical Ways to Have More Happiness in Your Life

20 secrets to living a happier life, how to be happy: 20 ways to be happier,

I know these work. Pick one and try it today! Or maybe do one a week from now on...

1. Do something that you have dreaded and put off for ages because it's too scary

2. Forget all thoughts of trying to get more money or getting materials things of any kind in order to be happier. You need a better plan than this!

3. Change what you say to yourself in your head - only think positive thoughts about yourself, other people, events, the past and the future.

4. Have something big to work towards.

5. If you're a nice person (unlike me) you might need to be a bit selfish sometimes in order to please yourself!

6. You spend 5 days a week at work, so maybe it would be good to get more happiness from it. Find ways to enjoy your work.

7. Spend some time with Nature today - trees, water, views, walk, sit, whatever.

8. Don't bother to get good at anything. Instead, dabble in more things.

9. Get organized - it's the foundation to build your happiness on, and being disorganised certainly can be annoying!

10. Holidays are good because we have the time to do the things we really enjoy. Get more time in your normal non-holiday life by getting rid of the filler and the bad stuff. This may mean saying No to some things!

11. Get your friends sorted - get rid of the ones who aren't good enough, and spend more time with the great ones who you neglect

12. Live in the present, take time to smell the roses - hard to do in this speeded up world, but important

13. Do something really childish today. A snowball fight would be good if it snows soon, otherwise what else can you think of? (send me suggestions!)

14. Find out what makes you happy and do more of it. What has made you happy in the last few weeks?

15. Get a happiness buddy with whom you can plan and make sure you actually do these kinds of things

16. Have or get a job where you are learning new things (obviously within your existing organization!). Volunteer for new things within your current job.

17. Make someone else happy - and it'll bounce back to you.

18. Do some form of exercise - your body feeling good will make your mind feel good too.

19. Simplify your life, of both people and things and activities.

20. Learning new things, by reading or going on a training course. It feels good, and opens new avenues too.

Author Bio: Chris Croft runs management training courses, mainly in the UK - see http://www.chriscrofttraining.co.uk. This article was one of his free monthly email tips - you can get added to the free list by going to http://www.free-management-tips.co.uk
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